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Professional Advisors

Achieve your client's financial and philanthropic goals, strengthen the relationship with your client, and open doors with charitable giving conversations.

Professional advisors can offer clients many alternatives, in addition to tax-advantages, by working through Community Foundation of Acadiana (CFA) verses commercially charitable funds and private foundations. Click here to discover the benefits of working through CFA.

CFA partners with professional advisors by offering many tools for developing a charitable plan that achieves their client's philanthropic and financial goals.
From retirement assets, to property, to trusts -- we offer clients the ability to leave a legacy.

Donald A. Capretz, A Professional Law Corporation

“For charitably inclined clients, we discuss various options which includes the advantages of using Community Foundation of Acadiana (CFA). CFA is considered a public charity created by and for the people in our regional area which means:

  • Gifts to it are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law
  • CFA is exempt from excise tax and is free of many of the administrative costs and restrictions applicable to private foundations
  • Often the associated accounting, tax and legal expenses are less using CFA rather than a private foundation
  • The minimum annual distributions of private foundations is roughly 5% of the average monthly fair market value of assets whereas CFA does not have this 5% yearly distribution requirement
Using a donor-advised fund at CFA, you can make a donation to your fund, receive a tax deduction in the year of the donation and then you and your family may suggest the charity (charities) to receive those funds in future years. CFA may make grants to any 501 (c) (3) charity in the United States. CFA is a valuable tool for the client who has philanthropic goals."