Share Your Nonprofit Events

Our goal in compiling the Nonprofit Community Calendar is to provide a calendar that highlights charitable events of nonprofit organizations that occur in and charitably impact communities in the Acadiana region. It helps organizations to determine optimal, productive time frames for scheduling their fundraising events and provides an overview for potential donors and attendees to schedule their social calendars and charitable gift-giving.

  • Your organization will submit pertinent event information no later than the 20th of the month
  • CFA will use the information provided, build it into our Nonprofit Community Calendar, and circulate the next month’s calendar to our partners and stakeholders
  • We ask that you do not include volunteer opportunities; visit United Way of Acadiana for assistance with sourcing volunteers

We welcome any and all suggestions or feedback to ensure this is a good and efficient tool for each of your organizations. Feel free to send any and all suggestions to

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CFA Nonprofit Community Calendar