Community Foundation of Acadiana List of Funds

Donor Advised Funds keyboard_arrow_down

292 Fund (2017)
A Gratitude Fund (2013)
Chad & Claudia Abell Family Fund (2017)
Elaine Durbin Abell and Edward C. Abell, Jr. Family Fund (2013)
The Abshire Family Fund (2008)
Alldredge Family Fund (2006)
William Hayes Alleman Memorial Fund (2014)
Anonymous Fund I (2013)
Anonymous Fund II (2006)
Anonymous Fund III (2017)
Anonymous Fund IV (2017)
Anonymous Fund V (2018)
Claire and Doug Ashy, Sr. Fund (2013)
Carl and Mary Jane Bauer Family Charitable Fund (2010)
BBG Philanthropic Fund (2014)
Mary and Buster Beaullieu Fund (2012)
Dave & Deidra Bell Fund (2013)
Al Berard Memorial Music Endowment (2016)
Edward J. Billeaud Fund (2014)
Kim and Stuart Bishop Family Fund (2012)
Stanley and Susan Blackstone Charitable Fund (2010)
Ben Blanchard Memorial Fund (2010)
Jane and Kenneth Blanchard Family Fund (2010)
Bouchner Family Fund (2013)
Daniel and Jeanine Bourque Family Fund (2004)
Ambrose and Lucy Boudreaux Reading Enhancement Fund (2009)
Gerald R. and Carlos Boudreaux Family Fund (2012)
Kenneth Boudreaux Fund (2013)
Philip and Robyn Boudreaux Charitable Fund (2012)
Joe and Julie Brents Bouligny Fund (2015)
Alan and Shelley Breaud Family Fund (2011)
Denise P. Breaux Memorial Fund (2011)
Paul & Lori Breaux Fund (2013)
Philip B. Breaux Philanthropy Fund (2013)
The Broussard Family Fund (2017)
Bradley & Kathleen Broussard Family Fund (2005)
Donald and Annette Broussard Family Fund (2011)
Martha B. Brown Fund (2014)
Burts Family Fund (2017)
Busbice Family Fund (2012)
Bobby and Ann Butcher Family Fund (2016)
John Butcher Family Fund (2016)
Tom & Betty Butcher Charitable Fund (2016)
Richie & April Byrom Fund (2013)
David R. Caillouet Memorial Fund (2012)
Callais Family Fund (2013)
Harold and Gloria Callais Family Fund (2011)
Larry and Kathy Callais Family Fund (2011)
Tina and Corey Callais Family Foundation Fund (2013)
Don & Tish Capretz Family Fund (2017)
Carbo Family Fund (2005)
Cart Family Fund (2015)
Cefalu Family Charitable Fund (2010)
Sandi and Richard Chalmers Fund (2012)
JL & Diane Chauvin Charity Fund (2014)
Christian's Legacy (2014)
The Conrad Family Foundation Fund (2014)
George and Merilyn Crain Fund (2014)
Cullen Renovare Fund (2012)
D and C Fruge (2017)
Anne Dale - Jeweler For A Cause (2008)
Bill Doré Family Fund (2009)
Kay Legendre Doré Fund (2008)
The Dwayne and Sheri Dugal Family Fund (2014)
R. Dugas Family Fund (2012)
Bo Duhé Community Fund (2016)
The Dupre Family Fund (2002)
Bobby P. Dupre Charitable Fund (2007)
Marie and Reggie Dupre Fund (2011)
Renee and Buzz Durio Fund (2012)
Rob and Toni Eddy Family Fund (2010)
David & Kimberly Edmond Charitable Fund (2014)
David Egan Dreamer Fund (2016)
D. W. Elmore Consulting LLC (2018)
Esmerelda Fund (2006)
James B. Falterman, Sr. Memorial Fund (2010)
Jim Firmin Family Fund (2016)
Jude Fluitt Memorial Fund (2017)
Footprints in the Sand (2014)
Anita Fontenot Fund (2017)
Dr. Gwen Fontenot Educational Fund (2017)
Fournerat Family Fund (2012)
Marlene S. Fournier Memorial Fund (2014)
Fox - Pharr Family Fund (2007)
Bryan and Alicia Francis Fund (2010)
Mike and Sheila Francis Charitable Fund (2010)
Frankie Fund (2006)
Leonard and Michelle Franques Family Fund (2006)
John and Lynette Fraser Fund (2010)
Jason & Cindy Freyou Family Fund (2014)
Richard Gaiennie, Sr. & Anna Jane B. Gaiennie Fund (2015)
Chris Gambel Family Fund (2008)
Gautreaux Family Fund (2018)
Juliana Kathryn Gerami Memorial Fund (2016)
Carol B. and Lazar J. Gielen Family Charitable Giving Fund (2009)
James and Glenda Glasgow Family Fund (2011)
Frank and Agnes Godchaux Fund (2013)
Leslie K. Godchaux Fund (2013)
Patrick Reische Gray Memorial Fund (2017)
Gregory Family Fund (2010)
Grimes Family Foundation (2015)
Marshall and Susan Guidry Family Fund (2010)
Lori and Eric Guidry Family Fund (2011)
Brenda and Gregory Hamer Family Fund (2010)
Phil Haney Community Fund (2008)
Haynie Family Foundation Fund (2014)
Hebert Family Fund (2015)
Alan and Donna Hebert Charitable Fund (2012)
Raymond and Allyson Hebert Family Fund (2007)
Michael and Shirley Hector Family Fund (2012)
The Hendrix Family Fund (2018)
Henry Family Fund (2015)
Hicks Family Fund (2016)
Little Hjelseth Fund (2017)
Robert & Mary Hollier Family Fund (2015)
The Mark Hopkins Fund (2017)
Casey and Marnie Hoyt Family Fund (2015)
Karen and Fred Hoyt Fund (2018)
Max and Dianne Hoyt Family Fund (2003)
In His Service Fund (2011)
JPB Family Fund (2013)
JRF Foundation (2015)
The John Family Fund (2014)
Adam & Tricia Johnson Family Fund (2012)
The Sandra M. Johnson Memorial Education Fund (2018)
Jubilee Fund (2010)
Kyle & Stefanie Kellner Fund (2018)
Brudley Kibodeaux Memorial Fund (2009)
Nancy Leigh Delahoussaye Kibodeaux Memorial Fund (2009)
Knight Family Foundation (2017)
The Thomas, Glenna and Adriane Kramer Family Fund (2014)
Alicia and Tommy Kreamer Fund (2011)
Labbe' Family Fund (2012)
The LaGraize Family Fund (2017)
Gabby LaJack Memorial Fund (2015)
Earl & Billie Landry Family Fund (2014)
Les and Tyra Landry Fund (2012)
Travis Lasseigne Family Fund (2013)
Lee & Patti Lawrence Family Fund (2014)
LeBlanc Family Fund (2015)
Arthur C. Leblanc Jr. Charitable Fund (2015)
Gay and Peggy LeCorgne Family Foundation (2018)
Left Hand Giving Fund (2017)
David & Diane Legendre Charitable Fund (2015)
Caroline Lemoine Charity Fund (2011)
Leonard and Christine Lemoine Family Fund (2008)
Ryan Lemoine Charity Fund (2011)
Alfred S. and Gail P. Lippman Family Fund (2010)
The David and Angie Lippman Family Fund (2015)
Madeline Little Fund (2017)
Marcie & Ross Little Sr. Family Fund (2009)
Tim and Terri Long Family Fund (2011)
The Lopez Family Fund (2013)
Lovelight Foundation (2003)
The Jewell Parkerson Lowe Foundation Fund (2007)
Manuel Builders Endowment Fund (2005)
Manuel Family Endowment Fund (2005)
John and Geneva Lintzen Manuel Memorial Fund (2015)
Michael Maraist Family Fund (2013)
The Martin Family Institute (2014)
Lee Matherne Family Fund (2005)
Matherne James Initiatives Fund (2017)
Monica & Tom McCasland Family Fund (2017)
McDaniel/Chappuis Fund (2006)
The Jeremy and Amelie McGill Family Fund (2015)
Meaux Family Fund (2018)
Wayne and Sandy Melancon Fund (2009)
Benny and Yvonne Menard Family Fund (2010)
Robin Menard Fund (2013)
Mike and Monique Michot Family Fund (2010)
R.E. "Bob" Miller Fund (2013)
Kevin & Tracy Moody Family Fund (2009)
Joel J. Moreau Memorial Fund (2007)
Joseph Willis and Mary Grace Morrison Fund (2008)
Pat and Alice Morrow Family Fund (2015)
Theresa and Brent Mosing Family Fund (2010)
Claire M. Moss Memorial Fund (2018)
J.C. Moss Family Charitable Fund (2017)
Larrey G. Mouton Family Fund (2008)
Kam and Mazie Movassaghi Family Fund (2010)
Mullen Family Fund (2009)
Keith and Ginger Myers Family Fund (2013)
New Life Fund (2010)
On Call Band Fund (2015)
Steve and Lisa Orlando Family Fund (2010)
The PWC Fund (2013)
Alice and William Pecoraro Family Fund (2010)
Grant and Nicky Pecoraro Fund (2015)
Ray and Susan Pellerin Family Fund (2016)
Candyce and Hunter Perret Family Fund (2010)
The Lucy Perret Fund (2016)
Picard Family Charitable Fund (2007)
Malcolm and Camille Poche' Fund (2015)
Pray Strong Fund in Memory of Blaine Thomas Duhon (2010)
Ronald and Georgette Prejean Fund (2011)
Prince Family Fund (2003)
Pucheu Family Fund (2004)
Pugh Family Fund (2003)
Chris and Jennie Rader Family Fund (2013)
Rees - Lanoux Family Fund (2013)
Ambassador Grover Joseph Rees and Lan Dai Nguyen Rees Family Fund (2017)
Richard C. Rees Memorial Fund (2013)
Jude & Terrie Richard Family Fund (2016)
Sam and Rosalind Robertson Family Fund (2017)
Michael and Cheryl Robicheaux Family Fund (2010)
RW Rohloff Fund (2014)
Louis R. Rolfes, II Charitable Fund (2017)
Ricky and Lynn Romaire Family Fund (2011)
Gail Romero f/b/o Academy of the Sacred Heart Fund (2013)
Rongey Family Fund (2013)
Melissa and Donald P. Ross III Fund (2007)
Louis & Pauline Roth Family Fund (2014)
James Parkerson Roy Family Fund (2016)
SRC Memorial Fund (2012)
Joe and Gina Sanford Family Foundation Fund (2008)
Renee & Herbie Schilling Fund (2015)
Schoelerman / Yongue Fund (2014)
Scott Family Louisiana Fund (2012)
Phallie S. Sellers Fund (2015)
E. Stewart Shea III and Becky G. Shea Fund (2009)
Jerry and Beverly Shea Family Fund (2009)
Larry and Janice Sikes Fund (2014)
Slavich Family Fund (2011)
Jerome and Germaine Smith Fund (2017)
Randy & Helen Smith Family Fund (2014)
Eddie and Gerry Soileau Family Fund (2008)
Randy and Nancy Songy Family Fund (2009)
The Spanos Family Fund (2015)
Philip Stoma Sr. Family Fund (2017)
Meredith Lindsay Street Foundation (2017)
Jay and Laurie Suire Charitable Giving Fund (2010)
Stephen and Cherise Swander Family Fund (2011)
The Templeton Family Fund (2017)
Dr. Donna Tesi Community Fund (2010)
Craig and Janine Thomson Family Fund (2010)
Danna G. Toce Memorial Fund (2008)
Victor and Andrea Toce Family Fund (2017)
Barbara Ann Trappey Family Fund (2017)
True North Charities (2014)
Jerry & Julie Vascocu Family Fund (2015)
Ann and Warner Veillon Family Fund (2017)
E. Warner Veillon Family Fund (2005)
Amy Breaux Vidrine Fund (2013)
The Vincent Family Fund (2014)
Warner Family Fund (2013)
Donald and Yvonne Washington Family Fund (2011)
David H. Welch Fund (2010)
The Whaley Fund (2013)
White Mountain Buffalo Fund (2013)
Wilkinson Family Fund (2010)
Bob F. and Gay Wright Family Foundation (2018)
Joey Young Memorial Endowment Fund (2010)
Zaunbrecher Family Fund (2009)
The Thomas J. and Rosemary G. Zaunbrecher Family Fund (2006)
Jim and Rosemary Zehnder Fund (2005)
Todd and Jennifer Zehnder Family Fund (2009)
The Ziegler-Babineaux Family Fund (2015)
Richard and Elaine Zuschlag Family Fund (2013)

Corporate Advised Funds keyboard_arrow_down

Acadian Companies Giving Fund (2014)
America's Pizza Company Fund (2013)
Babineaux, Poche, Anthony, & Slavich LLC (2015)
Barber & Saul Fund (2015)
Billeaud Companies Fund (2014)
Bizzuka Sharing Fund (2011)
Broussard & David, LLC Fund (2013)
Built to Serve Giving Fund (2015)
JP Morgan Chase Bank Fund (2007)
Cox Communications Fund (2012)
The Fenstermaker Fund (2010)
First National Bank Charitable Fund (2015)
Fleur de Lis Fund (2010)
Foster Marketing Fund (2015)
Halimar Shipyard Fund (2013)
Home Bank Charitable Fund (2015)
Home Bank Helps - Baton Rouge (2018)
Home Bank Helps - Mississippi (2018)
Home Bank Helps - New Orleans (2017)
Home Bank Helps - Northshore (2016)
IBERIABANK Charitable Fund (2015)
LHC Group Charitable Fund (2013)
Lafayette Association of Petroleum Landmen Endowment Fund (2009)
Lemoine Company, L.L.C. Fund (2004)
Merrill Lynch - Lafayette Employee Philanthropic Fund (2008)
NeunerPate (2015)
REALTOR Association of Acadiana Fund (2005)
Stuller Family Foundation Fund (2007)
Sunland Construction Fund (2012)
Van Eaton & Romero Community Fund (2004)
Whitney Bank Fund (2012)
Women's and Children's Hospital Fund (2003)

Agency Funds keyboard_arrow_down

Family Missions Company Fund (2004)
La Fondation Louisiane (2009)
Franklin Foundation Fund (2012)
Healing House Hope for Grieving Children Fund - Agency (2006)
Hearts of Hope Endowment Fund (2003)
Holy Rosary Institute Alumni and Friends Association, Inc. Fund (2004)
Hospice of Acadiana Foundation, Inc. Fund (2018)
Iberia Development Foundation (2015)
Junior League of Lafayette Endowment Fund (2003)
Lafayette Ballet Theatre Endowment Fund (2006)
Lafayette Ballet Theatre - Gruver Legacy Fund (2006)
Charles and Fay Richard Family Fund - Lafayette Ballet Theatre (2007)
Lafayette Central Park Capital Fund (2015)
Lafayette Central Park Veteran's Memorial Fund (2018)
Moncus Park Endowment (2015)
Lafayette Education Foundation Fund (2017)
Lourdes Foundation, Inc. Fund (2006)
Louisiana Folk Roots, Inc. Endowment (2009)
Lafayette Parish Master Gardeners Association, Inc. Fund (2013)
Miles Perret Cancer Services Fund (2001)
Rodney and Cindi Savoy Fund for Miles Perret Cancer Services (2007)
O'Bryan Akeem Parker Scholarship Fund (2011)
SLCC Foundation (2015)
SLCC Acadiana Healthcare Endowed Scholarship in Nursing (2017)
SLCC Cosper Family Endowed Scholarship (2016)
SLCC Criminal Justice Endowment (2015)
SLCC Evangeline Endowed Scholarship in Nursing (2017)
SLCC Lafayette General Health Heart of Nursing Endowed Scholarship in Nursing (2018)
SLCC Lafayette General Medical Center Endowed Professorship (2015)
SLCC LAGCOE Endowed Professorship (2015)
SLCC LAGCOE Endowed Scholarship (2016)
SLCC Lemoine Company Endowed First-Generation Scholarship (2017)
SLCC James Devin Moncus Professorship in Oil and Gas (2016)
SLCC Moody Company Foundation and Pinhook Foundation Endowed Scholarship (2016)
SLCC Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center Endowed Professorship (2015)
SLCC PBI Endowment (2017)
SLCC Qmedtrix Cy-Pres Award Endowed Scholarship in Nursing (2017)
SLCC Norma Joan Ralston Endowment in Practical Nursing (2018)
SLCC Regional Medical Center/Women's and Children's Endowed Professorship (2015)
SLCC St. Landry Cy-Pres Award Endowed Scholarship in Nursing (2018)
SLCC Striding for Scholarships Endowed First-Generation Scholarship (2017)
Westminster Christian Academy Endowment Fund (2010)

Designated Funds keyboard_arrow_down

Academy of Visual & Applied Arts Fund (2011)
Acadiana Area Human Services District (2014)
Adopt A Bus Stop (2018)
Ascension Episcopal School Endowment Fund (2007)
Ascension Foundation (2015)
Christian Brothers fbo Magnolia Lafayette, Inc. (2012)
CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Fund (2005)
Festival International Guardian Angels' Fund (2016)
God Made Self Driven Fund (2018)
Grand Opera House of the South (2015)
Sam Guarino Blacksmith Shop Museum Fund (2010)
Michael and Tommye Halphen Fund fbo Catholic High New Iberia (2014)
Hanson - St. John Teacher Compensation Fund (2015)
Marshall & Susan Guidry Fund (2015)
The Woody Norwood Fund (2014)
The Jack Polson Fund (2014)
Helping Hands for the Holidays Fund (2009)
The Paul & Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum Endowment (2015)
Curator's Circle Endowment Fund (2015)
Holy Family Catholic School Fund (2014)
Holy Family Catholic Middle School Expansion Project Fund (2018)
Charles Labbe Memorial Award Fund (2018)
Lafayette Fund for Academic Excellence-Lafayette High School (Capital One) (2013)
Lafayette Parish Fund for Academic Excellence (2012)
The John T. & Sandra B. Landry Support Fund for St. Theresa Catholic Church (2016)
The Live Ride Learn Fund (2013)
Grace Mouton Memorial (2013)
Cecil Picard Elementary School at Maurice Endowment Fund (2007)
Cecil J. Picard Center for Child Development Endowment Fund (2007)
Ragin' Cajun Catholics Student Ministry Fund (2018)
St. Mary's Residential Training School Fund (2018)
Sal's Summer of Swim Fund (2018)
Second Harvest Food Bank Fund (2018)
Second Harvest Food Bank Iberia Parish Fund (2018)
Carl J. and Glenda W. Streva Fund for the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (2008)
Carl J. and Glenda W. Streva Fund for Sacred Heart Catholic Church - Morgan City (2007)
William O. Stutes and Marie Alleman Stutes Fund f/b/o LARC (2005)
Robert and Coni Trahan Fund f/b/o United Way of Acadiana (2008)
Addison and Betty Wilkinson Family Fund f/b/o Children's Museum of Acadiana (2006)

Discretionary Funds keyboard_arrow_down

Permanent Fund for Acadiana (2005)
David T. and Anne S. Calhoun Fund (2005)
Permanent Fund for CFA (2005)
Rodney and Cindi Savoy Fund (2010)
Community Enhancement Fund (2012)

Employee Emergency Relief Funds keyboard_arrow_down

Acadian Ambulance Flood Relief Fund (2016)
Another Broken Egg Cafe Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund (2017)
B & G Foods Employee Relief Fund (2016)
Brenntag North America EERF (2017)
Buffalo Wild Wings EERF (2016)
The City of Lafayette Police Department Fallen Heroes Fund (2017)
Coastal Chemical Co., L.L.C. EERF (2016)
Double R Family First Fund (2017)
Gibsons Employee Assistance Fund (2016)
The Kades Corporation McDonald's EERF (2017)
MacLaff, Inc. EERF (2016)
McDonald's ALFA Hurricane Michael EERF (2018)
McDonald's Hurricane Florence McFamily Relief Fund (2018)
McDonald's Hurricane Harvey McFamily Relief Fund (2017)
McDonald's Paradise Fire Relief Fund (2018)
MidSouth HELPing Hands Fund (2016)
NAIFA Hurricane Relief Fund (2017)
The Post Oak School EERF (2017)
Schumacher Clinical Partners EERF (2017)
Stupp Corporation EERF (2016)
Waitr EERF (2017)
Wastewater Specialties EERF (2017)

Field of Interest Funds keyboard_arrow_down

The Arsene Fund (2012)
Drs. Zerben Bienvenu and William Smith Acadiana Pro-Life Education Fund (2014)
Griff Blakewood Greenspace Legacy Fund (2007)
Jackie and Dan Bouligny Fund (2006)
Breaux Bridge Dog Park (2017)
Tim Butcher Memorial Fund (2010)
Chenier Plain Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Fund (2013)
Coalition Kitchen Fund (2018)
Cortland Fund for Children (2010)
Dr. Terry A. Cromwell Fund (2004)
Russell Joseph Duet Veterans of War Memorial Fund (2011)
Fund for Gulf Communities (2011)
Richard Guidry Cajun and Creole Language Fund (2009)
Dr. Brian N. Heinen Catholic Charities Fund (2016)
I-49 South Coalition (2013)
Keep Acadiana Safe Fund (2016)
Kites Above Acadiana (2013)
Lafayette Parish Strategic Initiatives Fund (2017)
LAGCOE Education Fund (2012)
Lead the Change Now (2014)
The Leader In Me Iberia Parish Fund (2015)
McComb-Veazey Coterie (2014)
Elemore Morgan, Jr. Visual Arts Endowment (2006)
New Iberia Parks & Recreation Fund (2014)
Northeast Gateway Coterie (2013)
Parents Empowered (2013)
Project Front Yard (2015)
St. Martin Parish Disaster Relief Fund (2007)
St. Mary Excel Fund (2017)
Tigers Boys Fund (2011)
UL Life Fund (2014)
Veterans' Park of Pont Breaux (2014)
2015 Washington Mardi Gras Queen's Charitable Fund (2015)
Wick Communications/The Daily Iberian Disaster Response Fund (2016)
Whooping Crane Recovery Fund (2014)

Permanent Fund for Acadia Parish (2014) keyboard_arrow_down

The Thelma "Te" and B.I. Moody III Fund, a Permanent Fund for Acadia Parish (2018)
Judge Edmund Reggie Memorial Fund, a Permanent Fund for Acadia Parish (2014

Permanent Fund for Evangeline Parish (2017) keyboard_arrow_down

Anita M. Fontenot Fund (2017)
Eugene and Joan Fontenot Family Fund (2018)
Gwen Fontenot, Ph.D. Fund (2017)
Leonard & Mary A. Fontenot Family Fund (2018)
Investar Bank Fund (2018)
Evangeline Parish Education Fund (2018)

Permanent Funds for Iberia Parish (2007) keyboard_arrow_down

Krewe of Andalusia Community Fund (2011)
Berard Transportation Fund (2018)
Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco Fund (2008)
Christopher James Brown Fund (2017)
Martha B. Brown Fund (2017)
William Dore Family Fund (2007)
Anne Brown Etheredge Fund (2017)
Ernest & Deanna Freyou Fund (2016)
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Tommye Halphen Fund (2007)
IBERIABANK Fund (2009)
Johnny and Cathy Indest Fund (2015)
Edward Jones Financial Group Fund (2007)
Jeannine Brown Kennedy Fund (2017)
Peter Landry Memorial Fund (2010)
Larrey G. Mouton Family Fund (2017)
Pat and Lisa Norris Fund (2018)
Marjorie Brown Pierson Fund (2017)
Shea Family Fund (2007)

Permanent Fund for Lafayette Parish (2017) keyboard_arrow_down

The Roland and Amelie Dugas Fund (2017)

Permanent Fund for St. Landry Parish (2017) keyboard_arrow_down

Bobby Dupre Fund (2017)
Brian Heinen Fund (2017)
Freida Bordelon Mayeaux Fund (2018)
Edgar & Lorena Morain Fund (2018)
Pat and Alice Morrow Fund (2015)
Wallen & Helen Myers Fund (2018)
The William C. "Kip" Schumacher Family Foundation Fund (2018)
Harold Taylor Fund (2018)

Permanent Fund for St. Martin Parish (2017) keyboard_arrow_down

The Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Bienvenu Sr. Fund (2017)
Dalton F. and Nell B. Hebert Sr. Family Fund (2017)

Permanent Fund for St. Mary Parish (2008) keyboard_arrow_down

The Johnny and Mary Lou Conrad Family Fund (2015)
The F. C. and Sylvia Felterman Family Fund (2015)
Marshall & Susan Guidry (2018)
Hamer Family Fund (2015)
Bill and Judy Hidalgo Family Fund (2017)
Dr. Alan M. Hoberman and Dr. Mildred S. Christian (2017)
The Thomas and Glenna Kramer Family Fund (2015)
Jerry and Janice LeBlanc Family Fund (2015)
Lippman Family Fund (2009)
The Marcie & Ross Little Sr. Family Fund (2009)
Patrick and Elizabeth Little Fund (2009)
MC Bank "Hometown Spirit" Fund (2018)
The R.E. "Bob" Miller Fund (2015)
Alice & William Pecoraro (2018)
Joe and Susie Sanford Family Fund (2017)
Joe & Gina Sanford Jr. Fund (2018)
Sam and Linda Spitale Fund (2017)
Craig & Janine Thomson Fund (2018)
George and Mary Beth Thomson Family Fund (2018)

Permanent Fund for Vermilion Parish (2017) keyboard_arrow_down

Drs. Jagdish "Jack" and Padmini "Pat" Gupta Fund (2017)
Eugene M. Sellers, Sr. Fund (2015)
Mary Ellen Sonnier Fund (2017)

Scholarship Funds keyboard_arrow_down

B & G Foods Scholarship Fund (2010)
Ben Blanchard Memorial Scholarship Fund (2014)
Eloise Voorhies Gary Memorial Award Fund (2005)
Home Bank Scholarship Fund (2007)
The Joseph Fund (2014)
Lafayette Parish Medical Society Alliance Medical Scholarship Fund (2013)
LAGCOE Future Energy Professionals (2014)
Louisiana AGC - Lafayette District Scholarship Fund (2013)
Mark Robertson Scholarship (2014)
Mack Energy Co./McCasland Foundation Scholarship Fund (2016)
The St. Martin Land Company Scholarship Fund (2006)
Jack Shirley Memorial Scholarship Fund (2004)

Designated Scholarship Funds keyboard_arrow_down

Angels for Education Scholarship Fund (2013)
Dr. Wilton and Juanita Bergeron Family Seminary Scholarship Fund (2004)
Barbara M. Brown Memorial Scholarship (2013)
Gordon and Margarette Doré Scholarship Fund (2007)
The Dr. Kathleen Domingue Lopez Women in Math Scholarship Fund (2013)
Mamou Rotary Club Scholarship Fund (2012)
The Monsignor Richard Von Phul Mouton Scholarship for St. Pius Elementary School (2017)
Anne Rapp New Iberia Senior High Endowment Fund (2010)
Herbert E. "Trey" Schilling III Memorial Scholarship Fund (2014)

Legacy Funds keyboard_arrow_down

Brown Family Fund (2011)
Martha B. Brown Endowment Fund f/b/o ESA (2004)
Charles and Lawana Carlin Fund (2012)
Hays Family Fund (2008)
Flora Levy Lecture Fund (2012)
Flora Levy Sunday School at Temple Shalom Fund (2015)
The Greg Loumos Charitable Fund (2015)
Mhire Endowed Visual Arts Scholarship Fund (2007)
Veillon Family Memorial Fund (2017)

Supporting Foundations keyboard_arrow_down

Louisiana Real Estate Foundation (2005)
William C. Schumacher Family Foundation (2018)

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