Gunnar was born on June 5, 2001, in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Brian and Amy Thorguson. Gunnar grew to be a special young man who brought so much joy and love to the lives he touched.

He enjoyed many of life’s small pleasures. He loved playing with his Woody doll and hand toys and hearing his brothers and their friends make noise and laugh in the house. Most of all, Gunnar loved spending his days watching his favorite animated movies with his family.

Though he could not physically speak, Gunnar’s smile and spirit spoke volumes. If you knew him, you learned more about life without ever hearing a word. He was truly an angel here on Earth. Gunnar’s many physical limitations would bring challenges in his life, but also gave an opportunity for so many talented people to touch his life and be loved by him. It is in the honor of those amazing people who touched his life that this fund has been established. With this fund we hope to support the schools, nonprofits, and churches that give the unwavering love and support to the special needs individuals in St. Mary Parish.