About Barbara M. Brown

"Acadiana High lost a devoted colleague, leader, friend and family member when Barbara Brown suddenly passed away in December 2012. She left behind a legacy of integrity and professionalism, as well as a sense of joy in broadening horizons for her students as she treated them like the young adults they were about to become." - Bruce Brown

In 1978, Barbara arrived at AHS after she taught three years at Paul Breaux Middle School where she became a fixture in the English department. She was known for mentoring teachers and was always see encouraging those who wanted to improve.

In the classroom, she became known for fairness paired with high standards. Seniors especially benefited from her tutelage. Research papers became her specialty, and more than one student found college papers easier after having her class.

In 1992, Barbara was named Acadiana High School Teacher of the Year and served as head of the English department. For 18 years, she brought zeal and attention to the school's yearbook. Students learned to be inclusive of others in executing the project. Barbara structured the project like a small business endeavor where she taught students to appreciate accuracy and taught them to pay attention to detail.

In 2006, Barbara left the classroom to move into the AHS library. Tackling that challenge with typical energy, she helped to re-awaken the library with the latest technology and innovations that brought new readers into the facility.
The revamped library featured a welcoming environment, one that reflected her own love of reading and once again encouraged broader horizons.

Barbara also served Acadiana in other ways, from Girls Service Club sponsorship in early years to key roles in Honors Night and Graduation programs, where her focus was always to send seniors into the world with a touch of class.
She was even known to write keynote speeches for more than one principal, and to carefully proofread speeches for others. Students who needed letters of recommendation also found an eager, helping hand.

Not surprisingly, such dedication took thousands of extra hours spent grading papers, editing yearbook pages, preparing honors programs and spending weekends in the library creating computer screen savers that awakened students to intriguing book titles. But, typically, it wasn't the hours that mattered – it was the end result.

All done with a warm smile that said "you're welcome” even before the request was made.