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Our Community Must Rise
In these unprecedented times, our community must rise in support of those in need. We must come together to provide our neighbors with resources to combat this pandemic.

Through the guidance and support of many, including the Louisiana Department of Health, LOVE OUR COMMUNITY has been founded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, LOVE OUR COMMUNITY aims to support those who are subject to quarantine status, which could very well be any of us.

Love Our Community Relief Fund
The fund is established at, and administered by, Community Foundation of Acadiana. In support of this fund, a matching grant initiative is underway to raise funding where the purpose of the funding is to render quarantine aid and support to combat COVID-19.

By providing the necessary education and resources to those affected, we will reduce the transmission of this disease. This early intervention is critical in combating the pandemic. Truly, time is of the essence.

To donate or volunteer, or for more information, please contact Ryan Domengeaux at 337-230-6148 or

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