Planned Giving

Fund Options at Community Foundation

Endowed Funds & Non-Endowed Funds -The first decision a donor makes in establishing a fund at CFA is whether the fund is to be endowed or non-endowed.

ENDOWED FUND – a permanent gift whereby the principal is invested and never touched ensuring the donor’s long-term intent of its use. The gift is invested and annually a portion of the earnings is available to be granted to the philanthropic cause defined by the donor.

NON-ENDOWED FUND – can use the principal donated and any earnings to benefit the philanthropic cause defined by the donor.

DONOR ADVISED & CORPORATE ADVISED FUNDS -Essentially, a charitable savings account, this option is our most popular and makes giving easy. Individuals, families or companies can make tax-deductible contributions at any time. Grants are then made to any number of US 501(c)(3) nonprofits, churches, schools or public entities at the discretion of the donor(s).


These Funds benefit a non-profit organization the donor supports. Donors name the designated organization(s) that will benefit from this Fund. A nonprofit can also establish this type of Fund to support its own charitable mission, ensure continuity of its programs and meet emergencies and financial deficits.


These Funds benefit an interest and cause that is important to the donor. Donors may define the field of interest broadly or specifically such as the arts, childhood obesity, or a particular community or parish.


These Funds provide assistance to students at any education level or for a specific institution. They can also be established to honor a loved one. Scholarship awards are granted to the student and designated entity per purpose and criteria.


From these Funds, the CFA Board of Directors award grants to organizations that meet emerging needs and opportunities in the communities we serve. These Funds are the most timeless in terms of community impact.


Funds established in response to a natural disaster, or in the event that one may occur, can accept tax-deductible contributions, which in turn are granted to the victims to help meet their needs.


A donor can establish a Fund with CFA to be funded with a future "planned gift”. The most popular planned gift is a simple bequest, via will. Other planned gifts include charitable remainder trusts or charitable lead trusts, gifts of remainder interest in a home or real estate, life insurance proceeds and life estates. Today, the donor determines the type of Fund and its future beneficiaries. This is a simple and powerful vehicle to create a legacy for oneself and one’s family.




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