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CFA Dec2012 graphic 3 2End-of-year giving is, in many respects, an American
tradition. Consider making an end-of-year, tax-
deductible gift to YOUR named donor-advised fund
today! Thereafter, you can make distributions to your
favorite nonprofit, church or school – anywhere in the
country, any time, any year! You can even use this
account as the start of a scholarship or designated fund.
This becomes an especially attractive option considering
pending tax reform. To that end, Laura Saunders
quotes David Kautter, CPA with Kogod Tax Center at
American University in Washington DC, in the
November 2, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal

"Tax Breaks Under Fire”): "Given the unknowns, the best strategy
for taxpayers (in 2012) is to ‘maximize your tax benefits while that’s possible…’” This could mean, among other things, paying down a mortgage or setting up a donor-advised fund. Saunders writes, "Donors intent on using this year’s charitable tax
benefits have a better option than many others seeking
to preserve breaks. Donor-advised funds…offer many
givers the ability to make large contributions before
year-end and get a full deduction, while allowing them
to postpone decisions about recipients.”

Community Foundation of Acadiana’s (CFA) core purpose is to connect all generous people to the causes they care about. Our model allows individuals, families, corporations, and more to receive an immediate tax deduction for their donation(s) while postponing selecting the recipients. It is easy to establish YOUR named donor advised fund. The first step is identifying your passion and the second is customizing your fund. We make giving rewarding and easy by offering you choices. You can open a fund using a variety of assets, and our ability to customize your fund makes it easy for you to give, no matter what your philanthropic priorities. The best part is that we handle the administration of the fund which saves you time, money, and energy. Consider opening a donor advised fund in 2012 with a tax-deductible contribution to support the causes that are important to you!
Contact Raymond Hebert at 337.769.4848
rhebert@cfacadiana.org for more information.

CFA Dec2012 photo 1 4Add to
Your Fund!

Make an end-of-year,
tax-deductible gift to
your Fund today! As
a donor at CFA, you
know how easy it is
to give to and from
your Fund – any
time, any year. In 2012 at the discretion of our donors,
CFA gave food vouchers to hungry families, supported
disaster relief, enhanced playgrounds, and provided 18
students with a college education among other gifts.
Our donor-focused and entrepreneurial model is unique
and appealing. The advantages we afford are plentiful,
including customization, flexibility, convenience,
independence, publicity or anonymity, economy of scale
and efficiency. Contact Linda Dautreuil to make a
donation to your Fund or for more information at
337.769.4843 or donorservices@cfacadiana.org

CFA Dec2012 photo 2-BGood Causes: Bridge Ministry of Acadiana
Bridge Ministry of Acadiana (Bridge Ministry) began in 2003 in a 1,300 square foot home in the Four Corners area of Lafayette. They are now building a $1.3 million facility that will provide afterschool study spaces for children of all ages. An additional campaign will be kicked off soon to solicit dollars to further build gathering spaces for women and men’s groups, an assembly hall, community garden, and more on the 1.9 acre plot. CFA donor, Shelby White of Completion Specialists, Inc., allocates a percentage of his company’s profits to community charities each year through CFA. He said that Completion Specialists, Inc. had a great year and donated the majority of the company’s designated money in 2009 to kick start the effort. "It will provide a means to help more children in that immediate community who we believe will ‘pass it on’ to others in their community and beyond as they become adults. They are already seeing that take place.”

Bridge Ministry is an interdenominational Christian holistic ministry called to provide relationship-based programs which empower the under-resourced. Click here to learn more about them on CFA’s resource, DONORSense®.

CFA Dec2012 photo 3 5Good Giving:
The Courtland Fund for Children

The Cortland Fund for Children was established by
Kevin and Tina Hebert in memory of their beloved son,
Cortland, who was in an automobile accident in
December 2008. Kevin served on the board of the
Iberia chapter of the Boys & Girls Club, and Tina served
on the board of the SNAP crisis shelter for abused
women and children and worked in the pro life ministry.
Through their volunteer work, they recognized the need to help many disadvantaged
children while making a difference in Cortland’s memory. Tina said, "A visit with
Mr. Raymond Hebert gave us the security and confidence in knowing that such a
reputable organization could assist us in making our dream a reality.” Since its
establishment, the fund has dispersed over $5,000 to help defend and protect children
and/or enhance their lives. Most recently, they made a grant to Healing House Inc. to
provide grief packets to children in Iberia Parish Schools who have lost a loved one and
cannot travel to Lafayette to receive services. Tina said, "I pray that other families who
are blessed will join us in our cause to lift the spirits of children and believe in them.
It eases the pain of our loss, when that loss is not in vain.” Please
click here to make
a contribution to the Cortland Fund for Children and visit their
webpage for more

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