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Dr. Mary B. Neiheisel

Dr. Mary B. Neiheisel is recipient of the 2017 Lafayette Civic Cup. She is a Nursing professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Dr. Neiheisel is known as a champion of women’s health, the arts, and leadership programs throughout Acadiana. She regularly provides education to other nurses and members of the community, including on the issue of domestic violence. She is very involved with the arts community and has worked to enhance the arts culture in Lafayette. She has worked to increase leadership opportunities for area youth through the Junior Leadership program. She is currently serving on 10+ boards within Acadiana, supporting various causes throughout the area. A few of her notable accomplishments in the community include her money raising efforts to provide scholarships to women through Zonta International, her compassionate education about domestic violence through her work at Faith House, and the establishment of the Richard and Mary Neiheisel Dissertation Award.