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The Foundation offers many gifting options for establishing or adding to a named charitable fund. It is recognized by the IRS as a public charity, therefore, donors are provided with the maximum tax benefits allowed by law for all gifting options. Donors can start a fund to satisfy their specific charitable objectives, no matter how big or small. Donors can add to a fund at any time and in any dollar amount.

CFA Members/Ambassadors In addition to its stewardship of donors' charitable resources, CFA is a community leader, convener and honest broker. CFA Member/Ambassadors support the Foundation and its civic leadership work annually.

Enhance the quality of life in our region and invest in the greater Acadiana community.

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Start a Fund
Establishing your own named charitable fund is easy and does not require substantial commitment.  Funds can be established with any amount and can satisfy your specific charitable objectives.
Create a Legacy

Whatever your stage in life, your financial circumstances, or your charitable goals, the Foundation can help you make a gift that benefits the community you care about, as well as dramatically reducing estate and inheritance taxes for your loved ones.

Contribute to a Fund
The Foundation manages over 200 funds.  You can choose to contribute to an already-established fund that mirrors your interests and immediately increase its capacity.  This is a powerful way to memorialize or honor a loved one or celebrate an event while generating a lasting impact on the entity or cause you choose.  
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