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Cortland Fund for Children

Established in 2010, the Cortland Fund for Children's mission is to support and enrich the lives of disadvantaged children. The Fund has made grants to the Diocese of Lafayette -  Pro Life Office, S.N.A.P. - Safety Net for Abused Persons (New Iberia), Healing House of Acadiana and Covenant House.  To learn more about the Fund's mission, visit the official website.

"The Cortland Fund for Children was established in memory of our beloved son, Cortland, who was in an automobile accident in December of 2008, shortly after his 20th birthday.  Cortland was a child at heart and loved kids of all ages.  He never took life or himself too seriously, and didn't believe in sweating the small stuff.   The Cortland Fund for children was established in 2010 because our family realized how blessed we were to have such a close knit family and the faith to make it through our tragedy despite the great challenges we were presented with.  Many of Cortland's writings to us and in poetry reflected the security he felt, and the confidence that so many children are unable to obtain, because they lack the love and support to pursue their dreams.

     Each week for years before Cortland's death, our family would gather to pray for children in America who were homeless, orphaned and needy in any way. . .Through this, we recognized the need to help many children who are disadvantaged, and sought out how we could go about making a difference in Cortland's memory.

Since it's establishment, our fund has dispersed over $5,000.00 in grants and contributions to help defend and protect children or enhance their lives.

On a personal note, I hope others can realize the great ability we have when we are blessed with so much, to make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate than us.  America is suffering a great tragedy... families are struggling with so much, and many times, it is the innocent children who suffer.  I pray that other families who are blessed will join us in our cause to lift the spirits of children and believe in them.  It eases the pain of our loss, when that loss is not in vain."

 --Tina Hebert

Cortland Fund for Children check presentation to Covenant House June 2012
The Cortland Fund for Children provided a grant to Safety Net for Abused Person's children
that helped to provide a playground for the children in Iberia Parish affected by abuse.
Pictured: Dana Dugas, Dorothy Hector, Colby Front, Tina Hebert, Renee’ Rogers and Lanette Romero


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