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Westminster Christian Academy (WCA) Endowment Fund


The mission of Westminster Christian Academy (WCA) is to assist parents in educating their children by imparting God's truth to transform society in present and future generations.
The values that drive the school's decision-making process are:
  1. Submission to God as our final Authority, believing the Bible to be His inspired Word
  2. Unconditional love/uncompromising truth
  3. Honesty and integrity (holiness in all things)
  4. Partnership with the Christian home and church
  5. Faithful stewardship of God's resources
  6. Excellence in all things for God's glory
  7. Humility in service

The Westminster Christian Academy Endowment Fund consists of a combination of money transferred or donated to WCA with a stipulation that it is to be invested, and the principal remain intact unless approved by a Board vote of 80% approval.  The investment provides a source of ongoing income, allowing for the principal to have a much greater impact over a long period of time than if it were spent all at once.  
It is WCA's hope that as the fund grows it can support the ongoing growth of their rigorous academic program as Westminster strives to create a learning environment that fosters critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration in a Christ centered school.
Please click here to learn more about WCA.
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