Fund Agreements, Policies & Forms
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Grant Applications
   St. Martin Land Company Scholarship GuidelinesView File  
   Richard Guidry Cajun and Creole Language FundView File  
   St. Martin Land Company Scholarship ApplicationView File  
   2016 LAGCOE Essay TemplateView File  
   2018 LAGCOE Letter to RecommenderView File  
   2018 LAGCOE Application InstructionsView File  
   2018 Barbara M. Brown Letter to RecommenderView File  
   2018 Barbara M. Brown Preview of ApplicationView File  
   2017 Mack Energy Letter to RecommenderView File  
   2017 St. Mary Parish Foundationís Competitive Grant Cycle
View File  
Fund Agreements
   Donor Advised Fund Agreement


View File  
   Fiscal Sponsorship Grant Agreement


View File  
   Fiscal Sponsorship Grant Proposal


View File  
   Designated Agency Fund Agreement View File  
   Field of Interest Fund AgreementView File  
   Corporate Charitable FundView File  
   Agency Fund AgreementView File  
   Agency Endowment Fund AgreementView File  
Donor Resources
   Grant Recommendation Form


View File  
   Investment Recommendation FormView File  
   Make a Year-End, Tax-Deductible Contribution to Your FundView File  
   Contributing to Your FundView File  
   Intent to Establish a Donor Advised Fund


View File  
   Additional Gift to Charitable FundView File  
   Conference Room Rental ApplicationView File  
   CFA Ambassador Brochure  
Investment Performance Reports
   1Q 2016 Investment Performance ReportView File  
   2Q 2016 Investment Performance ReportView File  
   2017 1st Quarter Financial Performace ReportView File  
   CFA Fee ScheduleView File  
   Investment Policy StatementView File  
   Spending Policy--Endowed Funds


View File  
   Spending Policy-Non Endowed FundsView File  
   New State Legislation on Sales Tax Affects NonprofitsView File  



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