Financial Advisor Program
"The Financial Advisor Program is valuable to both advisors and their clients. The Community Foundation can handle complex charitable transactions, including the donation of real estate and closely-held interest, giving financial advisors the power to offer flexible options not otherwise available. More importantly, advisors can continue to manage their clients' finances no matter what type of fund they choose. It's the best of both worlds."
-Jim Ballinder, A.G. Edwards

Mark T. Musso, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

"I appreciate the opportunity to participate in Community Foundation of Acadiana’s Financial Advisor Program because it affords my clients flexibility and continuity. Since philanthropy is an important component of my clients’ overall financial plans, they can establish charitable funds with CFA while I continue to manage those funds in accordance with their strategic investment plans. This allows me to maintain my relationship with my clients while they benefit from CFA’s other service provisions. This unique program allows for a beneficial relationship for all parties involved.”

Mark T. Musso
Senior Vice President – Investments & PIM Portfolio Manager
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

"We enjoy having a fund at Community Foundation of Acadiana for our charitable giving while maintaining the investment strategy we outlined with our Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch. In this way, all of our dollars are invested similarly and are managed by our Financial Advisor with whom we’ve cultivated a close relationship.”

Brad and Kathy Broussard
Fund owners and Financial Advisor Program participants

Kathy and Brad Broussard

Continue to Manage Your Clients' Assets.

Through the Foundation's Financial Advisor Program, you can retain management of your clients' charitable assets. You can offer clients a value-added service by connecting them to the best charitable giving product on the market. It's a win-win for everyone involved.
Also, your client instantly accesses the Foundation's experienced staff of professionals who will make sure each charitable investment provides the greatest emotional, civic and financial benefit possible. You can convert non-managed client assets, such as real estate, closely-held interests, businesses, personal property and art into charitable dollars managed by you.

Identify Clients Who Qualify - Expand Your Client Services.

Identify clients who qualify for this program. Does your client plan to sell a private company, have high capital gains tax exposure, or be in a "transition" phase of life? Is your client having a change of life event - empty nest or retirement? Is your client in the midst of involved estate planning? Does he or she want a charitable tax deduction now with the flexibility to direct distributions in the future? Does he or she want to grow their contributions tax-free over time or have a desire to give something back to an organization or church or school or their community or want to leave a legacy for future generations? The Foundation affords options that can help you help them.

Presentations and Tools.
The Foundation also offers no-cost presentations for your group, organization or client in the following areas: charitable giving options, community needs and issues, grant making priorities and impact, planned giving, charitable giving benefits and trust illustrations.



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