Fiscal Sponsorships
Community Foundation of Acadiana will, from time to time, determine that financial support of a charitable event, program, or project of another entity will further the tax-exempt purpose of the Foundation.  This determination is made after receipt and consideration of a Fiscal Sponsorship Grant Proposal.  As such, the relationship between the Foundation and the project is that of grantor-grantee.
Fiscal Sponsorships allow corporations, groups and individuals to raise tax-deductible contributions for charitable projects, without having to go through the time and expense of creating a nonprofit entity.

The people and businesses of Acadiana are extremely charitable and are always looking for ways to give back. Entering into a fiscal sponsorship relationship with the Foundation takes the burden of accounting and reporting off of those who simply want to raise money in support of a charitable cause or mission.

Contributors to a Fiscal Sponsorship receive tax-acknowledgment letters, specifying to what extent the donation is deductible (if goods or services are received in exchange for the contribution, then an estimate of the value of the goods or services is also stated).

All expenses associated with the project are paid for through the Fiscal Sponsorship. The Foundation essentially becomes the "back office" for the group, saving them time and money.
Please click here to see a list of CFA's current, Fiscal Sponsorships.



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