Corporate Giving
Research proves that corporate citizenship can increase a corporation's ROI, boost employee morale, provide better employee recruitment and retention, establish credibility for its brand, increase its competitive advantage, and enhance customer loyalty.
Source:  "Good Companies, Better Employees", The Corporate Citizenship Company (London);  Chief Executive Magazine (Greenwich, CT)

8 in 10 Americans say corporate support of causes helps earn their loyalty to a business...Employees and customers prefer organizations that are associated with a good cause and towards a common purpose--improving life in their community. 
Source:  "Cone Corporate Citizenship Study", 2004, Cone Inc. - Strategic Marketing Firm (Boston)

72% of Americans want their employers to do more to support a cause or social issue.  89% of those familiar with their companies' cause programs feel a strong sense of loyalty to their employers.  93% say it is important for their companies to provide them with opportunities to become involved with social issues. 
Source: "Cone Cause Evolution & Environmental Survey", 2007, Cone Inc. - Strategic Marketing Firm (Boston)

Corporate Charitable Funds, Customized Corporate Sponsorships and Giving Strategies
give Acadiana companies the opportunity to give back to their community while utilizing the expertise of the Foundation, and receiving maximum tax advantages.   We provide many creative and organized partnership opportunities, here are a few:
Corporate Donor Advised Fund
  • Gifts to your corporate fund receive an immediate tax-deduction
  • Actively participate in your company's charitable donation process and easily give to multiple nonprofit organizations
  • Support existing charitable projects and organizations and/or recommend new ones
  • Fund advisers can be your Board of Directors, a committee of your employees, or a combination of both
Employee Giving Program
  • Program begins with a gift from your organization
  • Employees can suggest donations which are matched from your Matching Gifts Fund
  • Encourages charitable giving and demonstrates appreciation for your employees
Key-Employee Donor Advised Fund
  • Encourages your executives to establish a personal or family donor advised fund and attributes support for their giving to your company
  • Helps your company attract and retain key-employees.
Community Foundation of Acadiana Ambassador
  • Illustrates your company's leadership in promoting community philanthropy
  • Provides community resources to increase giving
  • Contributions can be made from an existing fund or separately on an annual basis
Other Corporate Fund Options
  • Corporate Scholarship Funds
  • Corporate Foundation
  • Disaster Relief Funds
  • Private Label Giving Cards
  • Sponsorships
Other Benefits:
  • Organized and Effective Giving Strategy
  • Cross-Marketing Opportunities
  • Maximum Community Impact
  • Unique and Customized Strategy
  • Expertise in Community Needs and Grant-Making
  • Maximum Tax-Advantages
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